The elite musicians from ensemble recherche perform music by Allan Gravgaard Madsen, who works with recomposition of and echoes from the masterpieces of the past.

During the concerts, Madsen’s music is recomposed by sound artist Morten Riis on the Electro Mechanical Loudspeaker Orchestra, which he built especially for this project.

The concerts will be a mix of past, present and future, of traditional and experimental classical music as well as electronic music / sound art.

03.11.2020 · 20:00

KoncertKirken, Copenhagen

04.11.2020 · 20:00

Lille Sal, Musikhuset Aarhus


Morten Riis (f. 1980):
Suite for Electro Mechanical Loudspeaker Orchestra (2020) – world premiere

Allan Gravgaard Madsen (f. 1984):
SUITE (2014-2018) for ensemble – danish premiere

NB! Both piece will be performed as one continuous piece:

Morten Riis, Suite: I., 1”

Allan Gravgaard Madsen, SUITE: I. Ouverture, 11′

Morten Riis, Suite: II., 50”

Allan Gravgaard Madsen, SUITE: II. Air I, 9′

Morten Riis, Suite: III., 3′

Allan Gravgaard Madsen, SUITE: III. Gigue, 3′

Morten Riis, Suite: IV., 9′

Allan Gravgaard Madsen, SUITE: IV. Air II, 50”

Morten Riis, Suite: V., 11′

Allan Gravgaard Madsen, SUITE: V. Réjouissance, 1”

·· PAUSE ··

Isabel Mundry (f. 1963):
Dufay-bearbeitungen (2003/2006), 13’ (excerpts)
Sandschleifen (2003/2006), 12’
Der letzte Seufzer (2000), 2’


  • Morten Riis, composer and sound artist
  • Allan Gravgaard Madsen, composer and curator
  • Moritz Bergfeld, recording producer
  • Julie Boelt, production manager

ensemble recherche

  • Mario Caroli, flute
  • Eduardo Olloqui, oboe
  • Shizuyu Oka, clarinet
  • Christian Dierstein, percussion
  • Klaus Steffes-Holländer, piano
  • Melise Mellinger, violin
  • Paul Becket, viola
  • Åsa Åkerberg, violoncello
  • Frederik Munk Larsen, guitar (guest musician, recording sessions)

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