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Close to You

artistic research project and collection of unique and physically engaging music experiences created directly for an online and digital platform in high quality.

premiere of teaser in december 2020.

“I dreamt about the D.”
Klaus, piano

“I explore my instrument during the night.”
Eduardo, oboe

“The dream would be to have an endless bow.”
Melise, violin

“Movement enhances the music.”
Christian, percussion

“Music should talk to you.”

Shizuyo, clarinet

“If the horizon is the end of what you see, the mind opens up.”

Åsa, cello

“You have to open the most secret part of yourself when you play.”

Mario, flute


  • Morten Riis, composer and sound artist
  • Allan Gravgaard Madsen, composer
  • Sebastián Zuleta, audio production
  • Merlin Blumenschein, video production

ensemble recherche

  • Mario Caroli, flute
  • Eduardo Olloqui, oboe
  • Shizuyu Oka, clarinet
  • Christian Dierstein, percussion
  • Klaus Steffes-Holländer, piano
  • Melise Mellinger, violin
  • Åsa Åkerberg, violoncello

Close to You is produced by Foreningen 458 in collaboration with

and with support from